All About Fungal Nail Infections

Other factors which raise the risk of building best fungal nail treatment over counter include a positive family history of fungal nails, prior trauma or injury to nails, increasing age, reduced immunity (e. g. from HIV or drug use), frequent submersion or palms in water, poor general health and hygiene.Image result for fungal nail

Toenails are the dead tissues of our body that are pushed out from the body. They are made up of Keratin and do not have any type of sensitivity. Hair also comes under this category of dead cells. The major function of it is to protect the fingertips, as well as the gentle tissues. These soft tissue would be damaged even during minor injuries, without the firm protection of the nails. The most important feature of the nails is that you will be able to identify the health and physiological imbalances of your body. Hence it is a fact that though dead cells these are incredibly important to us.

Nail fungus or a nail fungal infection is very common. It can impact anyone including people above the age of 70. It is found to impact men more than women and is more common as one gets older. Toe nail fungus causes the nail to become thickened and discolored. The nail manages to lose its natural color and turns yellow or brown. It also turns green, white or black in some instances. The particular nail becomes brittle and ridged. It curls inwards and becomes challenging to cut or trim. Sometimes it lifts away from the toe and dirt and debris accumulate under the nail and may become malodorous. Nail fungus is merely beauty and is not unpleasant. It can cause pain in some instances when the person wears tight shoes.

Fungal nail infections mainly happen on the toes since the conditions are right for the growth of the fungus. Feet that are enclosed in shoes all day long get hot and sweaty. This warm, damp environment is perfect for fungal growth. These infections are generally caused by yeasts and moulds that thrive in these conditions. Skin infections also cause this problem. People suffering from Athletes foot have a high possibility of a toenail infection. Chlamydia can travel from the foot to the nail. Factors like nail damage from an accident, playing sport or biting your nails enhances the chance of a toe nail infection. General poor health and smoking also boost the risk. People who suffer from diabetes or psoriasis are at a higher risk of contracting this contamination. Sharing footwear, nail slicing equipment or washing facilities with a person that has this infection can also get infected.

Exercise helps us keep our bodies healthy. We use weights and various exercises to target various muscle groups. We regularly olive oil, wash and condition our hair so that is shines and is healthy. We navigate to the dentist to make certain are teeth are healthy. All of us try to manage every part of our body. This is important because our physiques are the vehicles of our mind. We need to manage them so that we can live a healthy life and enjoy all of life’s delights.