Panasonic Vs Starmex

The weather in Singapore can be quite unpredictable. Sometimes it can be very hot, but it can be cold at other times. Although Singaporean Mad Men will not spend much time at home, most of the time, the elderly stay home. Older people are prone to changing weather conditions. For this reason, it is important to keep the temperature in your home at equilibrium.Related image


In the country there are various companies to provide temperature control equipment. However, it is important to know which aircon are right for you. You need to compare the basic characteristics of air conditioning provided by various companies, for you to choose the right air conditioning. This article describes two aircon brands, a comparison chart between Panasonic and Starmex.



Panasonic is one of Singapore’s favorite air conditioning brands. Air conditioning design in line with ergonomic design, beneficial to all people.Aircon that make people fall in love with aircon are characterized by easy assembly and disassembly of the panel, smoother operation, vibrant and durable buttons. The brand combines high-end technology with aircon to make it a human slave carefree. You can easily turn on the air conditioner and turn on different operating modes depending on your requirements. You do not have to worry about cleaning your air conditioner regularly because you can easily remove the air-conditioned parts. One of the best features of aircon is the ability to filter out contaminants in the condenser and get clean air all the time. Let’s take a look at Panasonic’s strengths.


  1. Vibrant and satisfying cooling function

Once you enter your home, you may find it difficult to get cool air from your air conditioner. With the help of Panasonic Aircon, it is fairly easy. Cool the room as soon as you turn it on. This is possible because of the integrated inverter. This means you do not have to sit long in a hot atmosphere. The same drive helps to distribute cooling throughout the room. This increases the uniformity of the air flow. So you get the same air.

  1. Real energy saving

Panasonic aircon is famous for its ECONAVI features. Because of this feature, the air conditioner inverter receives a signal to control the speed of the compressor. As a result, aircon use less electricity. Your electricity bill has been reduced. This is Panasonic’s latest technology. If you are thinking about using traditional aircon without any inverters, you should give up this idea. Without an inverter, the air conditioner compressor will run at a constant speed. This results in the compressor going from on to off and vice versa. You may need to pay a large amount of bills at the end of each month.

  1. Air conditioning to keep all the particulate matter and tiny viruses are saved

Most diseases are airborne. Aircon can be the cause of many diseases. If you have Panasonic air conditioning in your home, you do not have to worry about being infected with the virus. In aircon there is a special function called Nanoe-G. The main function of this function is to keep all the micro-organisms and particulate matter mixed with the air-conditioned air into your room.



Air conditioning is the parent brand of Mitsubishi. The brand is known for its durability to its customers’ services and products. The parent brand combines efficiency and economy with the product, making it the most profitable product for all. Technical improvements are part of the brand strategy. The Mitsubishi  is also called Starmex. Let us know the brand’s direction and uniqueness.

  1. Singapore’s best energy-saving air-conditioning on the market

This feature of this brand air con makes it stand out in the Singapore market. Brands try to use the latest technology to improve the energy efficiency of aircon. There are different levels of ticking based on the efficiency of energy-using equipment is known. The brand’s air conditioner is 5 tick-level energy efficient.

  1. Purify the air availability

The brand’s air conditioner uses a pre-filter to clean the air before entering your house. In addition to the various technologies used in pre filters, it also contains bioflavonoids called catechins. This has the capacity to limit the flow of the virus through the air.

  1. Effective odor management in your house for 10 years

Aircon use a bioflavonoid called catechin. This bioflavonoid has antioxidant properties. It also acts as a deodorant. The aromatic odor of bioflavonoids lasts for 10 years, even with regular cleaning of the air conditioner’s pre filter.

  1. Air-conditioning clean and worry-free

After prolonged use, you need to clean the air conditioner. You can also regularly clean the air conditioner as often as you like. You do not need any special tools to turn on different parts of the air conditioner. You can easily take out the different parts of the air conditioner and clean it up. You can clean different parts of the air conditioner to further improve the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. By using this method, you will further reduce your electricity bill.


The air-conditioned sound from the Concise English-Chinese Dictionary is quieter than the sweet noise level in your ears

Most of you may want an air conditioner that does not produce noise during operation. When you’re in the office or at home, this air conditioner creates a pleasant sound for your ears.



The job of an air conditioning service company is to properly configure the different air conditioning brands on the market. This is your job, the best one for you.