The Difference Between The Personal Trainer Business And Bootcamp Business

I’ve noticed a slightly odd development in the fitness industry of late and it amuses me that no one is really seeing this right now.

In the Personal Trainer Business we’ve assumed that a per hour pricing is the only way to do things! Despite some of the biggest names in the business telling us to change to package based pricing, or charging a membership, or part of a small group training system. However most coaches are hanging on to the concept of per hour rates, because that is what our clients are expecting.
Many personal trainers in the commodity driven side of our industry, those in the various health club chains, are forced to quote a per hour rate or one on one training, and basically count reps, this is what our clients expect Personal training in stoke.

I know of very few coaches who’ve moved to pricing based upon RESULTS, or high priced packages for restricted term programs.
Now here’s the weird (funny) part!
These same coaches charging a per hour rate for PT are running bootcamps based on a PACKAGE, or results-based, restricted term programs. They are charging for getting a result in a 4 week training program and NOT on a per session basis!
So tell me what is the difference between the Bootcamp Business and the Personal Trainer Business? Do you have more confidence in your Bootcamps getting a result over your 1 on 1 Personal Training getting a result?

I am a great believer in the Personal Training service on a one on one basis, I know a lot of trainers are turning their back on PT in favour of Bootcamps because of the higher potential incomes. However I don’t believe this has to be the way.
Personal training on a one on one basis should be your PREMIUM service, it should be reserved for people wanting to get exclusive access to you, it is where you can get simply unbelievable results over a fixed term with your clients… and you can make as good an income from PT as you do with Bootcamps
You should be getting BETTER results with your one on one clients compared to your bootcamp! A one on one client gets at least 15 times more time with you, as well as a personalised program compared to the canned Bootcamp workouts with 20 other people vying for attention!
And here lies the problem, is it because bootcamp trainers lack the ability to deliver BETTER results in their one on one programs, maybe because trainers lack the belief that they can deliver results outside of bootcamps that they don’t ask for PREMIUM rates or offer high priced packages?
For me there was no hiding in a one on one situation, I HAD to be good at what I did, I HAD to keep on top of my skills as a coach, I HAD to deliver results every time. This is how I justified the high priced packages to myself and to those that questioned my pricing. I had to be and WAS very good at what I did.
Has the Bootcamp Business become the sanctuary for lazy, uneducated personal trainers who couldn’t stand by their methods?
If you are good at what you do, put it to the test in one on one situations and ASK for a high fees based on RESULTS just as you do with your bootcamps.
If you are NOT good at what you do and you don’t wish to spend the time or money in making it right, maybe its time you found another career…